English Alphabet Poster



Create an english alphabet poster to master grid-based layout, use of modules, planning for complex layout, work with typefaces, fonts, and images.

Concept and Ideation:

•The audience and message are clear. 

•Unity in the design is maintained (image, colors, typographic solution, grid).

•Photos/images, typeface, and colors used for design are coordinated.

•Typefaces and color palette corresponds with your design message.

Design Principles:

Composition: Balance. Effective use of free space. Alignment. Meaningful use of emphasis.

Gestalts: proximity (meaningful grouping), similarity

Grids: Manuscript and Modular grids are used for the layout.

Typography: contrast, readability. Effective typefaces pairing (title, capital letter, “word”)

Tools Used:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator