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Hiking App

Connecting people to the outdoors


Passion project


UX/UI Designer


1 week




I wanted to make a mobile application that allows hikers of all levels to discover trails and paths that fit their needs! This project was inspired by my love of the outdoors and the benefits that fresh air and movement have on the mind and body. 


Before starting the design, I made a list of features I thought the application needed to fulfil the users' wants. Then I asked potential users what they would desire in a hiking app. I combined these lists and created an outline for the project. 


  • Home page that gives personalized recommendations

  • Search feature

  • Must include locations

  • Filtering system

  • Ability to sort search results

  • Interact with hikes (such as liking or commenting)

  • Profile Page

  • Ability to mark the trails as completed


After creating the list of features, I constructed wireframes. These wireframes provide a layout of the application and potential screen interactions and were used to test users. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 11.11.17 PM.png

Digital Prototype

From testing the wireframes, I found a few components that needed to be adjusted. I then built the digital prototype, bringing the design closer to what the actual application would look like. 

X - 2.png
X - 3.png
X - 5.png
X - 9.png
X - 10.png

Key Features

Below I have labeled screens with key features. These are features users reported they would really like to have in a hiking app. 

X - 2.png

Home page has filtering options making trails easier to discover.

Recommendations given based on users' liked and completed hikes.

X - 8.png

User stat card gives an overview of trails completed and hiking level.

Completed trails are easy to find.

X - 7.png

Ability to like trails, saving them to personal liked page and signaling to other users popular hikes.

Ability to mark trails as completed, adding them to users hiking stats.

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